Did the Portuguese stop liking Cristina Ferreira? Criticisms to the presenter succeed – National


Cristina Ferreira returns this Tuesday, September 29, to the screen with another ‘Day of Cristina’. TVI, in its official Instagram account, informs its followers: “EThis Tuesday, we will have another Cristina Day. Get ready for a surprising, exciting and joyful day!”
But the comment box was filled with many criticisms of the presenter who also holds the position of Director of Entertainment and Fiction at Queluz de Baixo station. “Already nobody can take it“,” It has just started. But it could be over “,”Balls … great ego. Farta Cristina“and” I’m glad to let you know, so I can change channels “or Dry. It looks like Christmas Day for Hospitals “.

However, there are also many Internet users who are unquestionably showing themselves alongside the presenter: “Good for another full day! I will love to see Cristina’s program again“,” Cristina és linda “,” Anxious “and yet “Congratulations Cristina, let’s say, whoever doesn’t want to change the channel is what I do. Let’s have respect for each other!“.


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