Digestive cancer is killing. The importance of early diagnosis


Rui This Marinho, President of SPG, reiterates the need for “a preventive attitude by citizens”, stressing that “the detection early diagnosis of these pathologies is essential. The doctor gastrenterologista has a fundamental role in the early diagnosis and treatment of digestive cancer with exams, such as colonoscopy“.

“Despite the difficult times we live in, digestive cancer cannot be forgotten. People can trust the health institutions that are prepared to receivethe, in a safe way. We must join forces with a joint and determined strategy ”, he adds.

Experts point out that since March a significant decrease in the number of screening and diagnostic tests in our country has been identified. And as such, both SPG like Europacolon Portugal appeal to a conscious attitude of the population, in carrying out screenings and necessary exams. As well as the formulation of a joint plan by the health entities in order to resume and continue actively with the prevention of these diseases, so often fatal.

Digestive cancer includes several malignant tumors that can reach five organs, namely the esophagus, stomach, breadncreas, liver, colon and challenge. These cancers are manifested by the appearance of almost 1500 new cases per month, representing one third of all Portuguese cancers.

Regarding colon cancer and challenge, the most common of the digestive tract, screening should be performed by colonoscopy.

It is estimated that up to one third of new cancer cases diagnosed annually can be prevented and another third cured when identified prematurely.

Vitor Neves, President of Europacolon Portugal – Association for the Support of Patients with Digestive Cancer, says “it is urgent to resume the monitoring of patients not Covid-19, the opening of health centers where, after the analysis of symptoms, patients are referred for specialist consultations and also the immediate implementation of the population-based screening for bowel cancer in our country ”.

Screening should start at age 50. About 10,000 Portuguese people are diagnosed with this cancer each year.

On National Digestive Cancer Day, the two entities recall that maintaining a healthy lifestyle contributes to the prevention of digestive cancer, with habits that include: physical exercise, healthy eating, maintaining adequate weight and avoiding excessive consumption in alcohol and don’t smoke.

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