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📍 Dino invades Eliza’s house

Obstinate in ending the model’s life, the thug attacks the security guard who guarded the house and enters the redhead’s room through the balcony. Eliza is desperate to find Dino.

“You will also remember me forever”, quips Dino

Dino (Paulo Rocha) invades Eliza’s room (Marina Ruy Barbosa) – Photo: TV Globo

Eliza screams and this catches the attention of Jonatas (Felipe Simas), who is at Flor do Lácio. He goes up and tries to open the door, while the model runs away from Dino inside the house, screaming. At this moment, the model threatens to hit her stepfather with a knife, and he provokes her.

“Nobody is going to help you. Jonatas can’t even smell it (…) Do you want to kill me? Come, come close”

Eliza (Marina Ruy Barbosa) despairs at threats – Photo: TV Globo

Ino Dino stabs Jonatas

Eliza locks herself in the room and Dino tries to invade, but is prevented by Jonatas who enters the apartment and leaves for the bandit. The two get into a body fight, Dino manages to get a knife and hits Jonatas, much to the model’s despair.

“Jonatas, talk to me, Jonatas! … Jonatas, don’t die!”

Jonatas (Felipe Simas) is stabbed while trying to save Eliza (Marina Ruy Barbosa) – Photo: TV Globo

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