Director-General of Health asks to stop denigrating the country


The director-general of Health this Wednesday, in Parliament, asked to stop denigrating the country, saying that Portugal has terrible information systems. And he guaranteed that we have computer platforms that were pioneers in Europe.

The declaration of the director-general of Health came after the intervention of the deputy of the Chega party.

André Ventura questioned Graça Freitas about the “data confusion” that the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) made available to researchers, namely the report of a pregnant man, and the lack of care with the protection of personal data.

Graça Freitas reacted admitting that the information system is not perfect, but it has been improved every day.

“I would like to stop saying that Portugal has terrible information systems. It is not true, it is a robust information system that is not perfect, but it is always improving,” he said at the end of the joint hearing of the Health and Labor Commissions and Social Security.

Graça Freitas also said that “we are not a disgraced country” in computer terms, having platforms that were pioneers across Europe such as SICO (which registers death certificates), SINAVE (disease notification) and Trace Covid (created follow-up at home for patients with mild disease symptoms).

“Was there a pregnant woman? Yes, there was, Mr. I’m very sorry, but is that what makes a bad information system?”, Shot the Director-General of Health.

In the end, Graça Freitas clarified that the criticisms and the appeal she made did not refer “to this bench or to any deputy, but to those who want to denigrate the country”.


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