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There are discoveries that happen when we least expect it, including in the Play Store. In fact, a 12-year-old girl who lives in the Czech Republic was surprised by the behavior of a very popular application that circulated among Tik Tok users. This caught her attention so much that she decided to talk it over with someone. Then, he alerted the security company Avast who took his report, investigated and discovered seven dangerous apps that were being downloaded from the Google Play Store. In addition, some were even present in the Apple App Store.

Google Play Store: Discover dangerous new apps! Delete now

Thanks to this girl, Avast managed to end this situation by alerting Google. The problem is that they have been downloaded 2.4 million times. And do you know how much money they gave criminals? About 500 thousand euros.

The detected specifications are especially intended for the youngest. Thus, they present themselves as games, wallpapers and music download programs. The scheme starts by charging between two and ten euros for a service that is not worth a penny. That is, make a Smartphone vibrate, a wallpaper that is publicly available anywhere or with access to music. Not to mention aggressive advertising.

Some of the applications are, in practice, Trojan horses. That is, applications that look legitimate, but only then will fill the smartphone with advertising. The ZDNET website mentions the names of applications that were deleted by the Play Store, but which are unfortunately still available on users’ smartphones.

Therefore, the first application that you should check on your smartphone is called ThemeZone – Shawky App Free – Shock my friends.

Another that seems to have been very successful promises to download music. Therefore, I speak specifically of Ultimate Music Downloader.

Dangerous Play Store apps

The other also promises exactly the same and is called Free Download Music.

However, dangerous apps have also been discovered in the Apple App Store.

They include Shock My Friends, Satuna, Tempo 666, ThemeZone, Live Wallpapers and Shock my Friend Tap Roulette.

Some of these applications, in addition to filling the smartphone with advertising, try to get permission to access the storage.

How discovered forms violate policies for Google.

At this point, fake and dangerous apps are doing everything they can for stores and thus sponsoring criminal schemes. In order not to fall for scams, it is very important to always look at the comment box. In many cases, when it comes to fake apps, people complain that they installed them and do nothing. Or that filled the smartphone with advertising. Do you like Leak? We count on you! Follow us on Google News. Click here and then Follow.

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