Do not install iOS 14.2 beta if you intend to buy iPhone 12 as soon as you leave


A few hours ago Apple started making iOS 14.2 beta 2. available. However, this version is not “compatible” with iOS 14, stable version that goes on 14.0.1. This means that if you put the beta version on your iPhone, later when you make a backup or want to transfer the contents to the new iPhone 12, you will not be able to.

In the past version, on iOS 14.2 beta 1, the operating system had a bug, it did not have the app Oxygen in the Blood. Who wanted to do the downgradand for the stable version it faced the incompatibility between the stable and beta version of iOS 14.

iOS 14.2 beta brings dozens of new fun emojis

There is probably not even much interest in what is new with emojis being the headliner of this new beta version. However, there is more than that, mainly in bug fixes and new approaches within the operating system itself. As such, Apple is conducting these tests without the possibility, at least for now, of backward compatibility with the stable iOS 14.

Yesterday, it released the iOS 14.2 beta version which indicates that the official version will not arrive anytime soon. In fact, several beta versions are usually needed, then GM and finally, the stable public version. In that sense and with the iPhone 12 coming out in the coming weeks, the most likely is that this new top-of-the-range smartphone from the Cupertino company does not come with iOS 14.2 but with the latest stable summer of iOS 14.

Image of the emojis that appeared in iOS 14.2 beta 2

But where is the iOS 14.1 version?

Is not. Apple skipped a version. Thus, this novelty of the new emoji 2020 may be in iOS 14.1, as well as some corrections that have been claimed. Possibly it will be this version 14.1 that turns on the iPhone 12. Minor corrections and news in this area, but without any deeper changes that will be being made in iOS 14.2 beta.

Of course, nobody knows when the iOS 14.12 version will appear, much less the final iOS 14.2 version. And that scenario should also extend to the iPad and its iPadOS. Thus, it is likely that iOS 14.1 will be released on the iPad Air 4.

In short…

Apple released iOS 14.2 beta 2, macOS Big Sur beta 9 and watchOS 7.1 beta 2 for developers. Versions that you should use with caution, otherwise you will not be able to return to a stable version and “get stuck” to date. from GM. Of course, you can always make a DFU and reset everything, but that's another five hundred!

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