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Is women’s loss of interest in sex really related to age and aging? The answer may have been unveiled in a new study that followed more than 3,200 women for about 15 years in order to understand the link between age and sexual desire.

According to the study, cited by CNN, “about a quarter of women consider sex to be very important, regardless of age”. Despite age, research has shown that sex continues to be highly valued by women of various age groups.

“Studies like these provide valuable information to healthcare professionals who might otherwise ignore a woman’s declining sexual desire as a natural part of aging,” said Dr. Holly Thomas during a conference.

Previous investigations have revealed that interest has disappeared over the years. However, health professionals remember that it was an early conclusion about a single moment or event in the woman’s life. On the contrary, the new study has shown changes over the years.

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The Swan – study of Women’s Health in the Country reached three conclusions: the first showed that about a quarter of women (28%) valued sex less during middle age. On the other hand, 27% of respondents considered sex to be very important over 40, 50 and 60 years.

Most women (48%) confessed that sex life was important when they entered menopause, but they gradually lost interest over the years.

In an interview with the television channel, the director of the Mayo Clinic Center for Women’s Health, Faubion, recalled that sexual activity will always vary according to age. “We may have to make some changes, but people who are healthy and in good relationships remain sexual.” One of the conclusions shows that among the respondents who valued sex, women were better educated and less depressed. On the other hand, the study revealed another important factor: race and ethnicity.

African American women revealed that sex was important to them during midlife. Chinese and Japanese women, on the other hand, considered sexual activity unimportant at this stage of life.

Dr. Holly Thomas added that the issue may be more related to socio-cultural factors than to biological factors. “Women from different cultural groups have different attitudes, different levels of comfort and different ideas about valuing sex as you get older.”


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