“Do you know you’re a snake? And a big one?”: “The Sweetest Popcorn” is insulted and replies!


Blogger Ana Garcia Martins – better known as “A Pipoca Mais Doce” – reacted to a criticism, left on Instagram.

This Saturday, the 19th, “A Pipoca Mais Doce” opened a space on Instagram to answer questions posed by Internet users.

Between questions about the personal and professional life of blogger, “The Sweetest Popcorn” was not indifferent to an insult.

“Do you know that you are a snake? And the big ones? You are disgusted, do you know that?”, Asked an internet user. And, with no tongue in cheek, “The Sweetest Popcorn” replied: “Yes! And I love it!”.

Now, see this exchange of messages from “A Pipoca Mais Doce” with this internet user, in the photo gallery we have prepared for you.


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