Do you want to hide from the world? Escape to this secluded hotel on an island with its own lighthouse – World


The small island of Hamneskär is located near Marstrand, off the coast of Sweden, and is home to a historic lighthouse that served to alert ships to the presence of irregular rocks hidden below water level. The lighthouse was built in 1868 and was named after Pater Noster as a tribute to the prayers of the sailors, who prayed the Our Father, when they approached the dangerous waters around the island.

For almost 110 years, generations of lighthouse keepers lived with their families in this extreme environment, taking care of the lighthouse, and rescuing shipwrecked sailors, having created their own small and isolated society. Swedish design agency Stylt has transformed the former home of the 19th century lighthouse master into an isolated hotel, surrounded by a unique landscape. The luxury hotel is called Pater Noster, as well as the lighthouse, and has nine rooms, a restaurant, a bar and an outdoor cafe.

Guests can take tours of the lighthouse and enjoy freshly caught seafood in the restaurant. The hotel also offers classes in deep sea fishing, diving, sailing, kayaking and seaweed cooking. With rooms starting at £ 442 (about 485 euros), it is not the cheapest getaway, but it is a unique experience in a film-worthy setting.


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