Doctor explains link between vitamin D and protection against Covid-19


A new study by researchers at Boston University School of Medicine in the United States indicates that vitamin D has a protective effect against Covid-19. The endocrinologist, André Gonçalves, explains that the research was done by association and it is not yet possible to state that there is evidence that the person may have less risk of complications from the disease due to the vitamin.

“About 200 inpatients were caught and seen the level of vitamin D. Then it was noticed that those who had high vitamin D had a better result, but did not say that giving vitamin D solved these cases”, explains the doctor.

He points out that patients who have higher vitamin D tend to be healthier for other reasons.

“They expose themselves more to the sun, they treat themselves better. That’s why I can’t say that vitamin D was the essential thing. Of course, vitamin D is a health marker. The healthier you are, the greater the chance of progressing well in the case of a serious illness “explains the endocrinologist.

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The simplest and healthiest way to consume vitamin D is through 1 hour of exposure to the sun, using sunscreen and avoiding warmer times.

“No need for large doses of vitamin D [..] the risk is much greater than the benefits. The ideal would be 30 nanograms per deciliter for anyone. But, for each patient, there is a safe level and the ideal is to see the doctor. Unlike other vitamins that are released through urine, vitamin D can cause poisoning because it is soluble in fat and is deposited in the body “, guides the endocrinologist André Gonçalves.

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