Does this writing match Bertheussen’s handwriting? Now the experts must answer that.


Who wrote this threatening letter? Two letter examiners are present in Oslo District Court to shed light on this. One is employed by Kripos. The other is a private practitioner.

Here is the sheet that was found in Wara / Bertheussen’s mailbox on March 2 last year. The font has been assessed by font reviewers who come to Oslo District Court on Tuesday. The police

First out is senior adviser Trond Jacobsen, writing examiner at Kripos. Among other things, he has assessed the writing on the sheet that the cohabiting couple Bertheussen / Wara received in the mail in March last year.


Jacobsen has also reviewed the manuscript on envelopes with handwritten addresses and “RASISIT” which was tagged on the wall of Wara / Bertheussen in December 2018.

Jacobsen will now present his assessment in courtroom 250. There he will, among other things, answer whether the writing on the sheet matches Bertheussen’s writing.

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Then script reviewer Reidun Wilhelmsen will do the same. She has been called in by the defense. Wilhelmsen has previously been employed by Kripos. Now she is a private practitioner. According to defense attorney John Christian Elden, she has trained those who work at Kripos today.

According to Jacobsen, they have assessed the writing from a total of seven units such as envelopes, the car and the house wall. Except for the writing on the car, which was marked “racist”, all other writings are distorted. That is, the printer has deliberately written differently than what is natural for him.

It said “racist” on the car of Wara / Bertheussen in December 2018. According to Kripos, this writing is not distorted. This means that it is almost natural. The police

To find out if the scripture belongs to Laila Anita Bertheussen, she was asked to submit scripture samples. Bertheussen therefore had to write the same text as on the handwritten threatening letters in front of the police.

When the police searched the home on Røa after Bertheussen was arrested in March 2019, a good number of handwritten sheets were seized. The writing from these sheets was also compared to the writing in the threatening letters.

Jacobsen can state with great certainty that the seized sheets have the same font as the font samples from Bertheussen after the arrest.

He can also state that the writing on one of the envelopes that Bertheussen / Wara received is most likely the writing from the same person who wrote the address on one of the envelopes that was sent to Elden.

Indent on line 2

Jacobsen started by going through the sheet that the couple received in March 2019. His conclusion is that “the results strongly suggest that the disputed writing” on the sheet was made by the accused.

Here is the sheet that was found in Wara / Bertheussen’s mailbox on March 2 last year. The font has been assessed by font reviewers who come to Oslo District Court on Tuesday. The police

Kripos’ scale goes up to level 4. Level 4 corresponds to “very high probability”, but according to Jacobsen, level 4 is excluded when it comes to writing tests. The conclusion from Jacobsen corresponds to level 2 on Kripos’ scale.

Among other things, he could refer to the indentation on line 2 which is present both on the original sheet and on the scripture test. Also several letters are quite identical.

According to Jacobsen, the writing on the hood of Bertheussen’s and Wara’s car is also to a certain extent Bertheussen’s probability.

When it comes to “Rasisit” on the wall, Kripos failed to draw any conclusions.

All in all, two of the seven writings considered are placed at level 2 on Kripos’ scale.

Prosecutor Frederik Ranke asked, among other things, whether Bertheussen was willing to show where she had written in the sheets that were seized at the couple’s home. Jacobsen then replied that she had not been.

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