Dollar opens higher and reaches quotation above the level of R $ 5.65 for the 3rd consecutive day – Economy


THE dollar started trading this Wednesday, the 30th, at a high of around 0.35%, quoted at R $ 5.66, amid a tone of instability in the international markets, after debate among presidential candidates From United States on Tuesday night, the 29th, Donald Trump, current commander of White House, e Joe Biden, vice president in the management of Barack Obama. This is the third consecutive day in which the foreign currency reaches a price above the level of R $ 5.65 during the negotiations.

The American currency has appreciated more than 30% this year. At the beginning of January, the price was around R $ 4. Even with the increase of this Wednesday, the current level, however, is not the highest in nominal terms, when inflation is not discounted. On May 14, the record was reached: R $ 5.9718. After that, the foreign currency came to cost below R $ 4.90, but, in the last days, it has been above R $ 5.50.

At exchange offices, according to a survey carried out by the Estadão / Broadcast, the tourism dollar is traded close to R $ 5.90.


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