Don’t give up on yourself. Five Tips to Prevent a Heart Attack


THE study ‘and COR – Prevalence of Factors Risk Cardiovascular Portuguese Population ‘points out that 68% of the population has at least two factors risk factors cardiovascular. Among these factors most common risk factors are diabetes mellitus, high cholesterol, hypertension, pre-obesity / obesity and smoking.

Additionally, the research suggests that “despite the decrease seen in recent years, brain diseasescardiovascular remain the leading cause of death in Portugal and healthy life expectancy at 65 years of age is below the European average “.

Here, according to PronoCal, five recommendations to keep your heart healthy:

Lose weight

Too much accumulated fat, especially in the abdomen, increases the likelihood of suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. People who are overweight or obese therefore have an increased risk of suffering from cardiac pathologies.

Practice physical exercise

Physical exercise increases the quality and expectation of life. When performing at least 30 minutes of activity moderate daily physical activity, five days a week – such as a brisk walk – will make you feel better physically and mentally and reduce your chances of suffering from diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

Eat healthy food and control cholesterol levels

Healthy foods create new cells and produce the energy the body needs to stay alive and fight possible diseases. As such, avoid eating salty foods, rich in sugar and fats, especially saturated ones, present, for example, in cakes, cookies and pre-prepared meals.

Control blood pressure

When blood pressure is normal, the heart, arteries and kidneys function as they should and are not overloaded. In order to combat hypertension do not smoke, counteract stress and do not consume alcoholic beverages.

Quit smoking

Smoking damages the circulatory system and exponentially increases the risk of suffering from diseases cardiovascular, contributing to the hardening and narrowing of the arteries and the formation of clots -, which in turn can result in heart attack.

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