DOOM Eternal may arrive on Xbox Game Pass [RUMOR]


A new post on the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account suggests strong signs of the arrival of DOOM Eternal to the Xbox subscription service. The Bethesda heavyweight title released in the first half of 2020 could openly welcome the next Xbox Game Pass releases.

The revelation was disclosed in an internal email from the Microsoft subscription service team, commenting on the news presented in recent weeks by the company about a mysterious game that will soon appear on the service. It was then that the profile shared the message, in a provocative tweet, as if something was hidden between the words of the executive.

One of the profile followers decided to change the exposure and contrast effects of the image, leaving what was hidden visible. When adding the capital letters of the text, the expression “LOOK BELOW” (“LOOK OUT”) was formed, directing to the message “THE SLAYER IS COMING” in a watermark below the signature.

Although nothing has been confirmed, everything indicates that the coming Slayer is the protagonist of DOOM Eternal and that the title, especially since it is a Bethesda game, recently bought by Microsoft, should arrive soon on the Xbox Game Pass.

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