Doria criticizes agglomerations in election campaigns – Last Second


Government of the State of São Paulo / Press Release

São Paulo Governor João Doria called for new alternatives in the elections

For Governor João Doria (PSDB), the “hand-to-hand” election campaign should be reconsidered during this year’s election campaigns. Questioned by iG reporter Eduarda Esteves, Doria pointed out that the state still suffers the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and asked the candidates for attention.

“It is not a good example that candidates promote agglomerations during the pandemic,” commented the governor, stressing that the responsibility for inspecting and approving each campaign is the duty of the city halls of the state. “I am no longer the mayor of São Paulo, now I am the governor. But the competence lies with the city hall. Not only Bruno Bruno, but the other 644 mayors of the state of São Paulo,” he said.

“Not that I am against personal contact, especially in a pandemic, but it is important to consider different behavior,” added the governor. Still on the inspection of the campaigns, Doria affirmed that the Military Police can only act on the agglomerations if called by the municipal authorities.

This year, the first round of municipal elections will take place on November 15th across Brazil. The second round is scheduled for November 29. Despite the guidelines for social distance and health security, however, many candidates already promote events and agglomerations to publicize proposals.


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