Dortmund top believe Haaland has more pressure on him than Lewandowski


Kehl, who has a director role in the German big club, makes the statements about Haaland to the German football magazine Kicker. The interview is reproduced by, among others, the Daily Mail.

Lewandowski was a huge success in Dortmund, but joined the club from Polish Lech Poznan in 2008 as relatively unqualified on the international stage. Haaland had already made a name for himself in Football Europe when he signed his Dortmund contract at New Year.

– Lewy came to us as a great talent at that time. Haaland, for his part, was already at a high level when he arrived in Dortmund – and with a completely different reputation than Lewandowski had at the time, Kehl tells Kicker.

He even played with Lewandowski in Dortmund. Kehl further admits that Haaland had a heavy pressure on him when he strolled in the stadium gates at his current employer.

– We have been waiting for a player like him. The expectations placed on him were similarly high, says Kehl.

While Haaland immediately got a place in the German club’s starting line-up, Lewandowski had to fight more. Lucas Barrios was the favorite striker at the time.

On Wednesday, Lewandowski and Haaland will meet for a goal duel when Dortmund and Bayern Munich will face each other in the German Super Cup.

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