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Duchess Meghan (39) and her husband, Prince Harry (36), have in recent months been involved in a lawsuit against the Associated Newspapers. More specifically, the legal dispute is that the couple has been subjected to defamation from the tabloid newspaper Mail on Sunday.

Until now, the couple has faced both ups and downs in court, and on Tuesday afternoon Sky News writes that the duke couple has once again had a downturn.

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In October last year, the duke couple decided to sue Mail on Sunday, as a result of a long conflict they had had with the newspaper. It all boiled down to the fact that the newspaper, which is the sister newspaper of the Daily Mail, published a private letter.


According to Sky News, the letter contained private information that the Duchess had sent to her father in 2018. The letter is said to have contained a request from Meghan to her father to stay away from the press, and a hope of being able to sort out the family relationship.

Surprising gesture

In the latest court ruling, the Associated Newspapers claimed that the Duchess had collaborated with the authors of the recently published book “Finding Freedom” to tell her side of the story, and that she had either directly or indirectly provided the authors with information about the letter to her father.

While Meghan’s lawyers have stubbornly denied that the Duchess had anything to do with the book, it emerged on Tuesday that Mail on Sunday can use the book in its defense in court.

– Very toxic

Meghan is not unknown for commenting on the press, and in August she opened up about the role of the media, and about how her view of the media has changed.

She did so when she participated in a video interview with journalist, CEO and co-founder of the new news organization The 19th, Emily Ramshaw.

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During the interview, Meghan pointed out that both she and Prince Harry think the press focuses too much on what she described as “obscene details”.

– What is so fascinating, at least from my perspective and my personal experience in recent years, is that a simple headline, a simple clickbait, makes an impression, she said.

Begs to stop the hatred

Begs to stop the hatred

Furthermore, the Duchess believed that this is part of how we look at the world and how we interact with other people.

Meghan herself thought that it is “very toxic” out there, and that this is exactly what is financially profitable.

– If you just want someone’s attention, then you go for what is obscene versus truthful, she added.

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