Easynvest launches loan without consulting SPC or Serasa


During the pandemic of the new coronavirus, many Brazilians have resorted to loans in order to obtain credit to pay overdue bills, or to write off overdrafts and card bills – which generally have higher interest rates. In tune with this change in consumer behavior, the Easynvest, recently bought by Nubank, entered the credit market.

The company, through Easycred, now offers loans from R $ 1,000 to its customers, with an interest rate of 1.5% per month and payment term in up to 36 months. And the best, without consulting the SPC or Serasa. Investments made on the platform can be used as collateral.

“We provide our customers with more attractive rates, at the price of payroll deductible loans, with a focus on replacing expensive credit, such as revolving credit cards and overdraft, with a cheaper alternative. In a few clicks, the money is already in the customer’s account, quickly and simply, without intermediaries ”, says Easynvest’s head of credit, Ramon Martinez Neto.

Easynvest loan

According to the company, the new credit line has been tested in Easynvest’s customer base since August, and loans have already totaled R $ 430 thousand. Of this amount, 46% were up to R $ 2 thousand, which reinforces the demand for small amounts of money to solve emergency problems.

Easynvest was recently purchased by Nubank, which also offers loans. However, before the negotiation the Easycred functionality was already in the testing phase. The expectation is that the credit line will gain space in the market, since the company now belongs to the well-known digital bank Nubank.

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