Easynvest launches new credit line from R $ 1,000


The broker Easynvest announced a new line of credit on Friday, 25. Through Easycred, the company will start offering loans from R $ 1,000 to your customers. Best of all, no traditional credit analysis will be done. That is, without consulting SPC or Serasa.

The credit line will have an interest rate of 1.5% per month and payment term in up to 36 months. The new service has been tested on Easynvest’s customer base since August and loans have already totaled R $ 430,000. Of the total, 46% were up to R $ 2 thousand, which reinforces the demand for small loans, to solve emergency problems.

“We target a wide audience, which uses small amounts to pay bills, settle debts, etc., but who ends up paying very dearly for this credit”, explains Ramon Martinez Neto, head of credit for Easynvest.

According to an internal survey by Easynvest, of the more than 1.5 million of clients, 20% have already borrowed from other institutions. The survey also points out that of this amount, 40% have credits considered expensive, such as revolving credit cards or overdrafts. “It is a significant volume that indicates enormous growth potential, based on cheaper alternatives that often do not reach this audience,” says Neto.

It is worth mentioning that the broker said that the new credit line was developed before the announcement of the acquisition of Easynvest by Nubank. The expectation is that the loan will gain space in the market after the probable approval of the purchase by Organs regulatory bodies – Central Bank and Cade (Administrative Council for Economic Defense).

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