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Check details about the elections in 2020

A election campaign
starts this Sunday (27) across the country. There will be more than 517 thousand candidates competing for the positions of mayor and councilor, an absolute record in the history of Brazil. In a speech, Minister Luís Roberto Barroso, president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) asked for caution not only with the new coronavirus
, but also with fake news

The internet will play a key role during the municipal election race in 2020. “There is another virus that surrounds the elections, capable of compromising, not public health, but democracy itself. These are fake news, disinformation and defamation campaigns. A cause that needs lies, hatred or aggression cannot be a good one ”, said Barroso.

To avoid contamination by Covid-19, the TSE advises candidates to avoid pamphlets and other types of physical materials, however much the practice remains permitted. Caravans and rallies are also allowed, as long as they follow distance rules. Election hours start on television and radio on October 9th.

The biggest election in history

According to the G1 portal, the increase in the number of candidates for the elections is mainly due to the end of the coalitions for proportional elections (councilor, state deputy and federal deputy).

The 2020 election is the first in which the change takes effect, despite the fact that the political reform amendment that made the change was enacted in 2017. However, coalitions are still allowed in the majority elections (mayor, president, governor and senator).

The record was expected because, considering the minutes of the party conventions, the capitals registered 24,133 candidates for councilor approved by the parties. The number of candidates may still change, since the Electoral Justice needs to approve the registration of candidates and there may be withdrawals.

If all 2020 candidates are confirmed, the increase will be 27%, and these elections will have the highest number in the last 20 years, according to TSE reports.


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