Elections. Biden shuts Trump down in chaotic debate


No one expected the two US presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, to exchange pleasantries in the first debate in the November 3 election. But what happened last night in Cleveland, Ohio, was worse than any commentator had anticipated.

The first hour of the debate, moderated by Fox News presenter Chris Wallace, was marked by insults and constant interruptions, with Donald Trump constantly speaking over Joe Biden.

“It is almost impossible to answer anything with this clown,” said Joe Biden, on one of the occasions when he was most exasperated. Before that, the Democratic candidate had already rolled his eyes and shot “Are you going to shut up, man?”, when Trump, once again, spoke over him when answering a question. At one point, Chris Wallace raised his voice and almost shouted, repeatedly asking Donald Trump to let the opponent speak. The incumbent president has shown that the aggressive style that led him to the Republican nomination and victory over Hillary Clinton four years ago is the same that he will boast in this election cycle.


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