Eliza is in danger with Dino’s return | come around


Gilda begins to distrust the behavior of Carlinhos (Kaik Brum) and decides to follow her son. When she comes face to face with her ex husband, she gets angry!

“So that’s why Carlinhos was running away? (…) To meet you, you bastard?”

Gilda (Leona Cavalli) will discover that Dino (Paulo Rocha) is back! – Photo: Ellen Soares / Gshow

📍 Eliza is chased by Dino

After appearing, Dino starts blackmailing Gilda and Hugo, as he discovered that the ex-wife’s boyfriend is a millionaire. Eliza discovers and tries to advise her mother, but barely suspects that he is closer than she imagines – including following her through the streets of Bairro de Fátima.

“As long as he can take money from you, he won’t leave,” he says

Eliza (Marina Ruy Barbosa) advises Gilda (Leona Cavalli) – Photo: Pedro Carrilho / Gshow

📍 Dino invades Eliza’s room

Thirsty for revenge, Dino doesn’t settle until he gets close to Eliza. He takes an opportunity and invades, through the window, the model’s room, who is desperate to see him !!!

Dino (Paulo Rocha) attacks Eliza (Marina Ruy Barbosa) in the bedroom – Photo: TV Globo

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