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The Ministry of Citizenship reported that 27 million people who are not part of the Bolsa Família program will receive, starting this Wednesday (30th), the first installment of R $ 300 from the extension of Emergency Aid.

As the total number of eligible beneficiaries outside Bolsa Família amounts to 48 million people, this means that only 56.25% of those approved must receive the limit of four more installments of R $ 300 or R $ 600 (in the case of single-parent mothers).

Under the rules defined for the extension of the aid, theonly those workers who received in April the first installment of the original benefit, of R $ 600, and who have already finished receiving the initial five installments will be entitled to all four additional installments.

On Monday (28), the government released, in an extra edition of the Official Gazette, the payment schedule for the R $ 300 installments of Emergency Aid to beneficiaries outside Bolsa Família.

“There will be 27 million people who will receive R $ 300 or R $ 600 (in the case of single-parent mothers), which totals an investment by the federal government of more than R $ 9 billion. As has happened so far, the calendar will follow the beneficiaries’ month of birth, that is, the credits will start with those born in January, then February, March and so on, in digital social savings already existing in their name “, the ministry said in a note.

The ordinance that defined the payment dates for the R $ 300 installments also changed the payment schedule for the next R $ 600 installments. See how the full payment schedule for Emergency Aid was.


The extension of Emergency Aid with four more installments of R $ 300 was made official at the beginning of the month by Provisional Measure. Only beneficiaries who are part of Bolsa Família, however, were already receiving payments, which follow the scholarship’s own calendar.

Fewer installments, less beneficiaries

Residual emergency aid will only be paid until December 31, regardless of the number of installments received by each beneficiary.

“Citizens who became eligible in May, June and July will have the new amounts credited in October, November and December, respectively, after the end of the aid payment,” said the ministry.

It is also foreseen to reassess the approved beneficiaries – both for the start of payments and during them. Compliance with the criteria will be checked monthly.

In addition to the smaller number of installments for part of the beneficiaries, Residual Emergency Aid will also reach fewer workers. The rules set for the extension restrict payment to some people.

Thus, you will not receive installments of R $ 300 who:

  1. Has a death certificate in the federal government databases
  2. Be under 18, except in the case of teenage mothers
  3. Be locked in a closed regime
  4. Has been declared dependent on the Income Tax of someone who fits the hypothesis of items 5, 6 or 7 above
  5. In 2019, he received non-taxable or taxable income exclusively at the source, the sum of which exceeds R $ 40 thousand
  6. On December 31, 2019, he had possession or properties of goods or rights in a total value exceeding R $ 300 thousand reais
  7. In 2019, it received taxable income above R $ 28,559.70
  8. Lives abroad
  9. Has monthly income above half a minimum wage per person and total monthly family income above three minimum wages
  10. Received social security benefit, unemployment insurance or federal income transfer program after receiving Emergency Aid (except Bolsa Família)
  11. Got formal employment after receiving Emergency Aid

67.2 million registered

According to the latest balance sheet released by the government, 67.2 million Brazilians benefited from emergency aid in the first phase of the program.

In this first stage of extension, 16.3 million Bolsa Família beneficiaries will receive aid in September and 27 million people outside Bolsa Família.

  • Emergency Aid is no longer paid to almost 3 million Bolsa Família beneficiaries

“Adding up, the CadÚnico, Extracad and Bolsa Família audiences represent 43.3 million Brazilians benefited so far with the September portion of the Emergency Aid extension, which totals an investment of R $ 13.3 billion”, he informed Citizenship.

Payment schedule

The payment schedules for the installments of R $ 300 take into account the date on which the beneficiary received the first of the original installments of the benefit, of R $ 600.

Emergency Aid – approved who received the first installment in April – Photo: Economy G1

Emergency Aid – approved who received the first installment in May – Photo: Economy G1

Emergency Aid – approved who received the first installment in June – Photo: Economy G1

Emergency Aid – approved who received the first installment in July – Photo: G1 Economy

Emergency Aid – approved who made a challenge – Photo: Economy G1

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