Epic Games criticized by judge for her attitude against Apple


The case between Apple and Epic Games returns to new shapes, this time with one of the judges responsible for the case pointing out that Epic did not do well.

According to The Verge, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers expressed skepticism that Epic Games launched its own payment method on Fortnite for iOS, circumventing Apple rules and violating the contract it had established with the company – and that later resulted in the removal of the game from the platform.

As is well known, Apple requires that all payments made within apps be made through the company’s payment system – which applies a 30% fee on the final amount. Epic tried to work around this limitation by launching a direct payment system, which sent users to the company’s website.

According to the judge, Epic did the task, omitted the same from Apple and its partners, which will be considered dishonest. In addition, Rogers also said that while Epic has public support for its position against Apple, it still does not neglect the fact that the company has violated the platform’s terms.

The judge also points as an example the fact that Apple’s practice on the rate applied in all payments will not be something new, and that companies such as Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and several others have been applying the same in the same format – the that is part of the industry itself. It is also said that Epic intends with its allegations to look to the side with regard to the industry itself, putting Apple’s monopoly charges ahead.

There is no doubt that the criticisms left against Apple are high, especially on the part of programmers and the general public, which considers the rate of 30% considerably high. But even so, the fact that Epic Games’ accusation for the case was initially based on the violation of the platform’s terms, something that the company has been trying to defend, is not left out.


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