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Espírito Santo registered, until this Tuesday (29), 3,538 deaths by Covid-19. The number of confirmed cases reached 130,714. The lethality rate of the disease in the state is 2.7%. The data were released on the State Government’s Panel Covid-19 platform.

In comparison with the data released on Monday (28), the increase is 14 deaths and 918 new cases of the disease.

The new confirmations do not necessarily mean that deaths and cases happened overnight, but that they were accounted for in the system during this period.

Until now, 120,714 people are cured and 384,761 tests were done. In addition, there are 93,801 suspected cases and another 186,626 have been ruled out.

It is worth mentioning that the confirmation of cases is launched in the system used by the Government of Espírito Santo on the day referring to the collection of the patient’s sample, while the disclosure to the external public occurs only on the day that the positive result for the disease comes out.

The system used by Espírito Santo to update the numbers also counts patients residing in other states who were tested in Espírito Santo cities.

Across Espírito Santo, the occupancy rate of ICU beds for patients with Covid-19 is 63.77% this Tuesday. Altogether, 315 patients are hospitalized in ICU beds and 210 in nursing beds.

In the breakdown by health region, the Metropolitan Region has the highest percentage of ICU bed occupancy for Covid, 69.02%. Nursery beds are 60.33% occupied in the same region.

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