Ester slaps and expels Cassian from home in ‘The Flower of the Caribbean’


Ester (Grazi Massafera) will be really scared by the visit she will receive in ‘Flor do Caribe’. The girl will find the old love, Cassiano (Henri Castelli), exchanging punches with Alberto (Igor Rickli) in the mansion where she lives and will defend her husband.

“You ghost! You are missing! You don’t know anything,” will shout the NGO’s owner, who even slapped the guy. “Look here, I have a lot to tell you, are you listening to me?”, The boy will shout.

After failing to talk to Ester, Cassiano will face Alberto and give a warning. “Our conversation isn’t over yet, Alberto Albuquerque. And ours hasn’t even started yet, Ester Albuquerque”.


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