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Yesterday it was announced that documentary makers have found a four meter high hole on the side of the ferry “Estonia”.

852 people lost their lives when the ferry sank in 1994.

Ahead of the premiere of the documentary, which is made by Monster and Dplay, the Prime Minister of Estonia Jüri Ratas, the Prime Minister of Finland Sanna Marin and the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven had a meeting, Expressen writes today.

TEAR: Here the flake in the ferry is shown in an animated picture. Photo: DPLAY
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Requires new review

Here, the three heads of state discussed the new information about what may have caused the sinking of Estonia. It was also stated here that the Estonian Prime Minister demands that a new investigation be carried out into the shipwreck.

– The truth must come out, Ratas says according to Expressen.

– Our clear message is that we do not know anything until we have made a thorough technical investigation of the wreck, Ratas says to Yle.

According to the Prime Minister, Estonia will be responsible for the new survey, which will include underwater surveys.

REQUIRES INVESTIGATION: Based on the new information about the hole in the side of the ferry Estonia, Estonian Prime Minister Jüri Ratas is now demanding that a new investigation be carried out into the shipwreck, in which 852 people lost their lives. Stock Photo: Frederick Florin / AFP / NTB
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Estonia sailed under the Estonian flag when the accident happened in 1994. 501 of the 852 passengers who lost their lives in the “Estonia” tragedy were Swedish. Six were Norwegians.

Although the AIBN’s report directed criticism at the yard, no one was held responsible for so many lives being lost.

The AIBN concluded that the shipwreck was due to a fault which caused the bow gate to be torn off and the ferry to be quickly filled with water.

Sweden claims to lie

Margus Kurm, who led the Estonian part of the investigation after the shipwreck, has previously been critical of the AIBN’s report.

He now says that he believes that Estonia collided with a Swedish submarine, writes Expressen, and he also says according to Eesti Päevaleht that he believes that Sweden has hidden this.

– Sweden lied right in our face, says Kurm.

According to Yle, however, he emphasizes that he can not be one hundred percent sure of the claim:

– The damage is under water, and none of those who were rescued have talked about having seen a vessel, he says.

When he led Estonia’s part of the investigations in the years 2005 – 2009, he was not given the opportunity to investigate the wreck itself, as a result of the funeral pact.

852 DEAD: Here, parts of “Estonia” are raised after the shipwreck in 1994. Photo: Jaakko Aiikainen / Lehtikuva / NTB
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Enn Tupp, who was Estonia’s defense minister at the time when Estonia sank, shares the view that the vessel may have collided with a submarine, but he does not point to Sweden, according to Yle.

Protected burial ground

Until now, no one has been down at the wreck since the tomb peace pact was signed by Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Denmark, Russia and the United Kingdom.

The agreement declares Estonia a protected burial ground and prohibits all diving at the wreck, which is located in international waters.

The documentary makers behind the new series have chosen to defy the agreement and been down with an underwater drone to film the wreck. One of the sequences in the series “Estonia – the find that changes everything” shows the large slit in the hull, where you can look into what is probably a cabin.


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