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The Marsis probe, from the European Space Agency (ESA), indicates the existence of new water reservoirs on Mars, according to a study published on Monday (28) in “Nature Astronomy”. The work was led by researchers from the University of Rome III (Università Roma Ter).

In 2018, evidence of liquid water on the planet had already been pointed out in another survey signed by researchers who also participated in this new study. The discovery then published in “Science” has now been reinforced. The reservoir found two years ago by scientists is also reported in the article on Tuesday, which also addresses new wetlands near that region.

Research indicates that the south pole of the red planet has liquid water, but brackish water beneath an ice sheet. The probe is not capable of drilling, so it is not possible to say how deep the Martian lakes are.

For the researchers, the discovery maintains the expectation about whether it is possible that life is found on the planet, since water is essential for the existence of living organisms.

Scientists have long tried to prove the existence of liquid water on Mars. Before Italian researchers, NASA had already pointed out other evidence. In 2015, the agency announced that the Curiosity robot discovered signs of the existence of ‘brines’ on the planet’s surface, formed when salts in the soil, called perchlorates, absorb water vapor from the atmosphere.

In July of this year, the American space agency (NASA) launched Mars 2020, a mission that will land in the northern part of Mars. The Perseverance robot will reach the planet (the ship is still traveling) and collect samples. In this region, there is a crater with sediments similar to those found on Earth, which, as astronomers expect, may contain traces of life.

European Space Agency Announces Discovery of Liquid Water on Mars

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