Even with assets above R $ 1 million, 298 candidates are caught receiving emergency aid


A survey found that 298 candidates for councilor, vice mayor and mayor are receiving emergency aid, although they have assets above R $ 1 million, as they declared to the Electoral Court.

Among these candidates, there is even a mall and law firm owner.

Emergency aid is a program created by the federal government to reduce the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on the economy and is aimed at workers without a formal contract and unemployed.

In order to be entitled to the aid, it was necessary for the family to have a total monthly income of up to three minimum wages or up to half a minimum wage per person, and taxable income of up to R $ 28,559.70.

The survey identified 254 candidates for councilor, 25 for vice mayor and 19 for mayor who declared assets above R $ 1 million and still requested the aid and received the money.

Among them, 15 said they had more than R $ 15 million in equity.

The question remains: what is the credibility of candidates who, even declaring a wealth so high, so above the reality of workers suffering from unemployment in this pandemic, still think they deserve the emergency aid of R $ 600.00.

Isn’t that the most blatant greed and unscrupulousness?

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Source: O Globo


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