Every morning at 07 something inexplicable happened in the village


Ever since the start of 2019, the broadband in Aberhosan in Wales has crashed and become slow at exactly 07:00 every morning.

Until now, according to CNN, no one has been able to find the reason why the 400 inhabitants of the village lose the network at the same time every day.

In a press release, the company Openreach, which has a so-called oligopoly on pipes and cables in the UK, writes that the error has finally been found:

In an old, thick TV.

– This sounds like the story of the thick TV that did not want to die and that did everything it could to survive, says the ridiculous technology expert Magnus Brøyn to TV 2.

TECHNOLOGY EXPERT: Magnus Brøyn is the founder and city manager of Coxit. Photo: Private

Replaced all cables

It was 18 months ago that residents began to notice that the network was always down at 07 o’clock.

They alerted Openreach, who went out with technicians to fix the bug.

The technicians had to go home with an unresolved case, as they did not find fault with either cables, pipes or wires.

During a new attempt, they dug up and replaced all the cables and wires, but to no avail.

The network continued to disappear exactly at 07 o’clock.

In the press release, Openreach writes that they eventually sent out their most experienced engineers to locate the fault.

The engineers settled in a house outside the village, and performed a series of tests throughout the village.

They had a theory that the problem could be due to electrical noise, but where did the noise come from?

– That we were not able to locate the error our customers experienced, made us frustrated and down, says technician Michael Jones in the press release.

THE SINNER: A picture of an old TV set, so-called thick TV.

THE SINNER: A picture of an old TV set, so-called thick TV. Photo: Colourbox

Sent out his best men

Jones, who has been working on the case since the beginning, says that the engineers used a so-called oscilloscope.

This is a measuring instrument that analyzes the time variations in an electrical signal.

One early morning, engineers walked down the street in Aberhosan with the oscilloscope in their hands. They thought the electrical noise was coming from an appliance, but had no idea where to look.

At exactly 07 o’clock the analyzer started beeping due to a large electrical discharge.

– The source of the electrical disturbance was traced to a property in the city. It turned out that the residents turned on their old TV every morning at 07, and this knocked out the broadband to the whole city, it says in the press release.

Gufs from the past

Technology expert Brøyn tells TV 2 that this is a known phenomenon, but that it very rarely happens due to technological development.

– This is a guf from the past, from when many had thick TVs that have electrical discharges that can affect the digital infrastructure, he says.


– It was great that the residents were so happy with breakfast TV, then, and turned on the TV at the same time every single day! Since it always happened at the same time, it became easier to solve the case.

Technician Jones says that the occupants of the house did not understand anything when he and his team knocked on the door.

– As you can imagine, the residents were shaken when we told them that their old TV was the cause of the whole city’s broadband problems. They immediately agreed to turn it off and never use it again, he says.

The next day, there was again full pressure on the broadband line in Aberhosan.

– Not as rare as people think

Magnus Brøyn tells TV 2 that all powered devices can affect, for example, the broadband connection.

– In this case, it was an old TV that refused to die that caused the misery in the village, he says and laughs.

Senior engineer in the Openreach Wales department, Suzanne Rutherford, also says that it is not uncommon for devices to turn off the broadband connection.

– Unfortunately, this does not happen as infrequently as people like to think. Everything with electrical components, from outdoor lights to microwave ovens and surveillance cameras, can affect your broadband connection. We encourage people to make sure their electrical appliances are approved and in line with current UK standards, says


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