Ex-menudo Anthony Galindo is hospitalized in serious condition – Entertainment


Anthony Galindo, a former member of the Menudo group, is in serious condition. According to a statement released by the musician’s family, he was taken to hospital after attempting suicide.

“We have been in a delicate and difficult situation. We did not want to alarm until we had an accurate diagnosis. We know how much he is loved by fans and so, in order not to create more speculation and rumors, today we announce that Anthony attempted suicide last Sunday and is in serious condition, “said the note posted on social media.

Still according to Anthony’s family, he suffers from depression and the disease has worsened due to the covid-19 pandemic and the fact that the singer is far from the stage.

“We didn’t want to make it public, but Anthony had episodes of depression because of his withdrawal from the stage. Anyone who knows him knows about his great passion for music. This intensified with the pandemic and resulted in this drastic and unfortunate decision.”

Family members of the 41-year-old Venezuelan also thanked the messages of support and prayers they have received from fans.

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