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An big explosion it sounded just before noon in Paris on Wednesday (30). The French immediately expressed their concern on social media until the Paris Police Station indicated on Twitter that there was no explosion, but that the noise was caused by the passage of a fighter that broke through the sound barrier.

“There was more fear than real damage in Paris,” explained the French Air Force after a major sound detonation occurred around 12 noon on Wednesday (30). Panic reactions and doubts on social media multiplied immediately.

“There was no explosion,” tweeted the Paris Police Central, urging the population not to “obstruct emergency lines”.

A fighter plane – a Rafale – took off from the base of Saint-Dizier, in eastern France, and crossed the sound barrier, causing great noise. It was a mission to help an aircraft in difficulty, the Air Force explained. The fighter pilot had been authorized to cross the sound barrier to reach the plane in danger as quickly as possible.

The noise heard by Parisians was not really usual: an explosion, a thud heard throughout the region, a kind of powerful detonation associated with an explosion effect, with windows but also the walls that shook for a few seconds. Even Roland Garros’ tennis players interrupted the game. See the VIDEO below.

The fighter crossed the sound barrier east of the French capital at a speed of almost 1,900 km / h, which is twice the speed of sound, hence the supersonic boom, a crash rarely heard.

The last time such an event took place in the Paris region was in February 2019. On social media, Parisians, traumatized by the recent terrorist attacks, but reassured by the explanation of the Air Force, reacted with humor, with memes from scenes from famous films as Top Gun, with Tom Cruise.

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