Express Tribune | Football Leaks. The computer attack on the MP was made with the credentials of a former director of the DCIAP. The PGR “had no idea”


José Amador, who has already been on deposition for three days, indicated in court that, after Rui Pinto’s arrest, the forensic analysis of the discs seized in Budapest revealed several wrongful accesses.

“When we started to do the analysis in the forensic context, the PGR appeared many times,” he described, indicating that files were found in secret files and DCIAP documents. “Dr. Amadeu Guerra will have been one of the great entry points,” he added.

The inspector said that the attack, through the credentials of Amadeu Guerra, former director of the DCIAP, resorted to a phishing operation, but José Amador was unable to specify how long the intrusion lasted.

José Amador also analyzed this Wednesday several Doyen contracts published on the Football Leaks blog, as well as the contours of the computer attacks on PLMJ, the Portuguese Football Federation and the PGR.

The inspector of the PJ will continue to be heard this Thursday, as a witness of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, answering questions from attorney Marta Viegas.


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