Express Tribune | Rui Pinto’s records had Europol meeting data on international cooperation for his detention. The PJ cannot explain how


Prosecutor Marta Viegas questioned inspector José Amador, of the Judiciary Police, about a document found on the discs seized from Rui Pinto that indicates that the accused had access, in 2016, to data from a Europol meeting about him.

The inspector confirmed the existence of a document that circulated on an internal channel of European police, regarding the scheduling of a meeting on 16 September 2016, which aimed to open cooperation between Portugal, Spain and Hungary on the author of Football Leaks.

In court, José Amador guaranteed that the computer security of the Judicial Police was not compromised, but he was unable to explain how he would have access to that information.

The outcome of the Europol meeting turned out to be negative, because the Hungarian police did not want to open an investigation since the PJ also had no information about potential offenses by the author of Football Leaks relating to entities in Hungary.

Rui Pinto gave access to the PJ, but did not give the passwords

In this Thursday’s session, inspector José Amador also clarified that Rui Pinto agreed to collaborate with the Judiciary Police to give the Portuguese authorities access to the information on his protected disks, but chose to be the one to introduce the passwords and not reveal them. to the PJ.

Regarding Rui Pinto’s collaboration, José Amador said, however, that since his extradition to Lisbon, in March 2019, the PJ tried the collaboration of the author of Football Leaks, that “it was not possible to arrive, because the defendant so understood”.

José Amador was also asked about another collaboration, taking place within the framework of Eurojust. The inspector acknowledged that Rui Pinto proposed this collaboration, but according to José Amador, this framework of collaboration would not be possible under the rules of Eurojust. “It was a pretense condemned to birth,” defended the inspector.


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