Eye damage stops Katrine Lunde (40)


Previously, there were three interventions to get the cruciate ligament injury in the knee in order that has held the star goalkeeper back.

On Saturday, she made a comeback for the club team Vipers, 504 days after the knee injury.

In the second half against German Bietigheim, she got a ball with glue in her eye, and that is what now puts her out of action this week.

Thursday: Denmark – Norway

Look now

– Of course, I think it’s incredibly boring to get an eye injury right now. It suited me very badly, but I have to take it seriously. Takes no chances there, says Lunde to TV 2.

The national team is now gathered in Denmark to play the Golden League.

– Katrine has been examined here in Denmark and has been told to stay calm for eight days, says national team manager Thorir Hergeirsson to TV 2.

She should not provoke the injury by physical activity, because peace and quiet will heal the injury faster.

– Annoying

Katrine Lunde played her international match number 299 in March 2019. This week she was to round 300 matches, but now has to wait until the next national team gathering at the end of November, before the European Championships at home, before there is a new opportunity to play for Norway.

– It’s the way it is, but it’s annoying and boring. Katrine looked really good in goal, and was very ready for play, says the national team manager.

In addition to Lunde, two other Vipers players have also had to report due to the national team gathering in Denmark.

Both Malin Aune and Silje Waade are out with knee injuries.

No replacements have been brought in for the three who are out. The squad now has 18 players.

P.S: With her 305 international matches, Karoline Dyhre Breivang is the first and so far the only one with over 300 official matches for Norway.


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