Facebook accused of spying on users via Instagram camera


Facebook is being sued for allegedly spying on its Instagram users by cell phone camera without formal authorization. The lawsuit was filed with the Northern California District court in So Francisco, United States.

This process emerged from news released in July that the photo sharing app appeared to be accessing iPhone cameras even when the sensors are disabled

Facebook denied the reports and blamed a bug in the network’s system, which it is correcting. The company claims that the defect brings false reports that Instagram would be accessing iPhone cameras when in fact it does not.

Instagram is being used to invade users’ privacy. Photograph:Ink Drop/Shutterstock

According to Brittany Conditi, Instagram user in New Jersey, the use of the camera by the intentional application is done with the objective of collecting “profitable and valuable data about its users that, otherwise, would not have access”. Likewise, by “obtaining extremely private and intimate personal data from its users, including in the privacy of their own homes”, Instagram and Facebook can collect “valuable insights and market research”.

Facial recognition data collection

In another lawsuit filed last month, also in the United States, Facebook has been accused of using, since 2015, facial recognition technology to illegally collect biometric data from its more than 100 million Instagram users.

The problem was in the feature that suggested tagging for new photos that were uploaded to the platform. The system used facial recognition to scan photos and suggest who was present in the capture – that stopped being used just last year.

Now, Facebook will pay a total of $ 650 million (R $ 3.5 billion in direct conversion) to end the matter.


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