Facebook already allows users to talk in the same chat between Messenger and Instagram


The company Facebook owns 3 major services: Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. Thus, over the years we have seen a lime of features to have a greater integration between these 3 social network platforms. After some tests last August, direct conversations between Messenger and Instagram even merged.

Announced by the social media giant, you can now chat with friends on Instagram and Messenger with the same chat.

Messenger and Instagram together in messages

As mentioned by Facebook, today a new messaging feature is introduced on these platforms. The numbers are not misleading and in the Facebook family of applications alone, people send more than 100 billion messages to their friends and family every day.

In addition, users still use video calls, memes and GIFs to communicate. More than a billion people already use Messenger as a place to share and express their opinion. Thus, such activity has given Facebook reasons to link the Messenger and Instagram experience in one place.

It doesn't matter if you are using Messenger or Instagram, the app is the same as it allows you to cross the two platforms with messages and not only.

Facebook brings more news on Instagram

Facebook added more than 10 new features so that the user is closer to his friends. There are now features like emojis, selfies and more that work on both sides equally. In addition, users will be able to view popular videos on the IGTV channel during a video call.

Image of the news brought by Facebook to its social networks Instagram and Messenger

They also introduced the disappear mode, where messages can be set to automatically disappear after being seen.

However, messages and calls from friends and family via Instagram will remain on Instagram. The main change is that people who use the Messenger app can now contact other people on Instagram without having to download Messenger or, for those who have Messenger, having to download Instagram.

The user can also control where he receives messages and calls. You can receive it in chat or in message requests.

So there is a lot of news you can see here. More options include messaging, usability, entertainment and privacy tools.


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