“Failing to pay the precatory is a default”, says PSDB leader in the Chamber


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Deputy Carlos Sampaio, PSDB leader in the Chamber, said the The Antagonist that the ways pointed out by the government to finance the Citizen Income are not the best.

He believes that the proposal announced today – to withdraw part of the resources from the precatories and part of Fundeb to finance the assistance program – does not pass through Congress, “unless the government finds other ways to reduce expenses in next year’s expenses” .

“Failing to pay the precatory is a default. It is the Union’s debt, which it has an obligation to pay. You can’t use that money. ”

He added:

“If you are going to take money from Fundeb for the Citizen Income, in my opinion, you are getting an extra ceiling [de gastos], from my perspective. And it doesn’t [no Congresso] nothing that in any way takes resources away from education. ”

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