Famous Dance: Men take off mask at the end and intrigue internet users – 09/27/2020


Men made their debut today at Dança dos Famous and, as had been done last week with women, performed with a mask next to the dancers, also with masks. However, a detail caught the attention of some internet users on the web.

After the presentations, the pairs received the judges’ notes with the masks on. Later, when they all returned to the stage for the public note, the men were without a mask. The teachers followed with a mask. Last week, it was the same thing. The women were without a mask next to the teachers, with a mask, at the time of the last notes.

Today, the actors Marcelo Serrado, Felipe Titto, André Gonçalves and Juliano Laham performed, as well as former soccer player Zé Roberto and country singer Belutti.

The lack of mask of the participants intrigued some netizens on Twitter.


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