Fan mocks porter at Toca da Raposa I and ‘donates’ coins to Cruzeiro


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A video of a fan’s joking has attracted attention on social networks. To mock the cruise, who lives in a delicate financial moment, a woman was the door of Foxhole I, training center of the heavenly categories, to make a “donation” to the club. The recording, which shows the girl handing coins to the porter, went viral on the nets.

Using a company mask Growing Grasses, Flora and Landscaping, Camila (@camilabhasse on Instagram – later deleted) filmed the “joke” with Cruzeiro last week. Upon arrival Toca I, met with a doorman and said he was there to make a contribution to the club. The man did not answer the challenge. She insisted and asked if there was a “donation box”. Without reply, she went to a room and left the coins on the table (see the video).

The video had a negative impact and Camila ended up deleting her profile on Instagram. However, Cruzeiro fans saved the video and charged the company with a position on the employee’s attitude. In response, Crescente claimed it posted a disapproval note and said it had fired Camila, without explaining why.

“Unfortunately, we have no control over people’s attitudes. She worked at the company. It was shut down this week, ”replied the company’s profile on Instagram.

In a note, Crescente Gramas, Flora e Paisagismo said that it did not agree with Camila’s attitude, classified as “unnecessary attacks on fans and employees of the Cruzeiro training center”.

Initially, the story said that Camila had been fired because of the negative repercussions of the video. She denied that version. Therefore, the report was corrected.

No Twitter, Camila contested the company’s position: “Guys, I don’t work at Crescente Gramas. I have nothing to do with the company. The mask is a gift that I just got from the company”.

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See company note

“We came to express our dislike to a video published on social networks, where a person, called Camila, makes unnecessary attacks on fans and on staff at Cruzeiro’s training center.

The person who recorded the video unfortunately wore a Growing Grasses, Flora and Landscaping logo.

We do not agree with the action and clarify that our masks were distributed to customers, suppliers and employees.

We take the opportunity to reaffirm that we hope that all teams from Minas Gerais are well in the respective competitions that compete in the national sports scene ”.


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