Fans pay 1000 reais to ask questions of the star


The last months, Michele Morrone occupies a large part of the articles on celebrities. But it is not for less either. With the film 365 Days, inspired by the saga of Blanka LipiƄska, the actor’s career leveraged.

Thus, in the feature, Morrone plays the mobster Massimo Torriceli, who kidnaps Laura Biel (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) and gives the young woman 365 days to fall in love with him. Despite suffering accusations and being the subject of numerous controversies, such as the sexual abuse, the production was, and still is, one of Netflix’s biggest audiences.

Thus, with the film’s visibility, the spotlight would hardly not turn to its stars. As a result, the protagonists’ social networks grew, as did the legion of fans. In order to pay more attention to everyone, Michele Morrone expanded her contact network. For this, he created an account on Halah, an application where internet users pay to ask the star a question.

Therefore, understand why fans get to pay more than a thousand reais in questions for the heartthrob.

Fans pay to ask Michele Morrone questions. | Photo: Editing / Reproduction.

Michele Morrone: Fans pay to ask questions of the heartthrob 365 Days

Michele Morrone is one of the most sought after at HalaHi. Even the CEO of the app, Sara Al Madani, is speculated as the new heartthrob love. According to the website TMZ, the star is one of the most requested on the platform and, in just one day, has received more than 14 thousand dollars.

But how does it work? Well, the artist makes exclusive videos answering each of the questions. To ask a question, the fan must pay 200 dollars, about R $ 1 thousand reais. That done, just wait for the famous to comment on it. In fact, it was at HalaHi that Michele confirmed the sequence of 365 Days.

However, the Italian confirms that the money is not for him, but for charity. Thus, the collection helps non-profit associations, which support children in adverse situations.

On the other hand, the Italian does not interact with fans only through the application. In this way, he always tries to share his life and his projects to the maximum through his official Instagram account. In addition, although it is more unusual, it answers some questions in your photos.

By Isabela Cagliari – Writing Speak!


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