Faro waited ten years, but already has a “state-of-the-art” crematorium


Finally, Faro already has its “state-of-the-art” municipal crematorium, an equipment that was “an old aspiration of the farenses” and that will serve not only the municipality of Faro, but also “the whole region of the Algarve and even some areas do Alentejo », believes Rogério Bacalhau, Mayor of Faro.

This was a long-needed answer, in a municipality that has been struggling with the lack of space in its cemeteries, but which is only opened about ten years after the process started.

«In the mandate of engineer Macário, we launched the first competition. The project was already coming from behind and a lot of time has passed since then. Ten years was the time that, in administrative and legal terms, it took us to get here, ”recalled Rogério Bacalhau, speaking to journalists, on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the crematorium, installed at the New Cemetery in Faro.

A little earlier, right after unveiling the plaque referring to the opening of the new crematorium, the Mayor of Faro commented on this extension of the process and even joked, saying that «the date that should be here should be for 2010».

«We will do everything to make up for lost time», promised Paulo Carreira, general director of Servilusa, a company that won the crematorium concession for 30 years and was responsible for the investment of 1.13 million euros needed to build the equipment.

The outburst of the faril edil has a reason for being. It is that this «was an old aspiration of the municipality, the people of Faro and the region. We had so many administrative problems that Albufeira still managed to make a crematorium before us. All these problems of tenders and linked to the public procurement code, although natural, cause a great deal of wear both in companies and in the public administration itself ».

«Fortunately, today we are at the end of this chapter and we have excellent equipment, which I am sure will serve the people of Faro and the entire population of the Algarve well. And that is what matters », concluded Rogério Bacalhau.

Rogério Bacalhau – Photo: Hugo Rodrigues | South Information

And what equipment was opened today – and tomorrow it will already make three cremations – and what is special about it?

«This is a state-of-the-art crematorium, already with a strong digital component, which brings several advantages. For now, one operator is sufficient to handle the entire operation, ”explained Paulo Carreira, who stressed, however, that there are two employees hired for this function.

«Then, this is a device that has energy control and allows online monitoring of cremations. It has two combustion chambers and a third area, which allows it to make a clean cremation throughout the process, so that emissions are always within the legal parameters, ”added the general director of Servilusa.

The crematorium is equipped with two ovens, one for funeral cremations and a pyrolytic oven to burn waste associated with burials, such as flowers and remains of urns.

Another thing that differentiates this equipment “is the fact that it has a technical area for the circulation of funeral agents and the deceased, separate from the social and family support areas”.

The concern for the loved ones of the deceased is, moreover, very evident in the other areas of the crematorium in Faro.

In addition to the room “for ceremonies or commissions for a normal funeral process”, there is “a room for last farewell, which is a fundamental element in this type of equipment, which allows the closest family to say goodbye and visualize the process of passing the deceased person. from the chapel to the crematorium ».

The family can watch the cremation in a small room, separated from the cremation room by glass, which has a curtain that closes at the end of the ceremony.

This moment is important because it “makes the process more intimate, more transparent and more credible, as in the case of graves, in the cemetery. It makes the family feel more secure, by being able to follow the whole process until the end », stressed Paulo Carreira.

«We also have a Garden of Memory, where ashes can be deposited. This is a sacred space, which corresponds to the assumptions defended by the Catholic Church », he added.

Paulo Carreira – Photo: Hugo Rodrigues | South Information

The perspective of Servilusa is to carry out, in a first phase, «600 cremations per year. But we can go up to 1200 or even more. In the event of being precise, there is the possibility of having extended schedules ».

The radius of influence of this crematorium, a type of equipment that, until a few months ago, at the time when the Albufeira counterpart was inaugurated, did not exist in the region, is the Algarve and part of the Alentejo.

However, this does not mean that the services are sought, only by Algarve, Faroese included, and Alentejo. The director general of Servilusa also anticipates having “many foreign customers, who opt for cremation”, considering the proximity to Faro Airport as an advantage, for making the process of transferring the ashes more comfortable for families ».

On the part of the Faro City Council, the satisfaction is due not only to the fact that, finally, the long-awaited crematorium, but also because this equipment «comes to help» solve existing problems.

«The old cemetery is full. It has renovations that take four to five years. Here Cemitério Novo is also full, although in the last few years we have built 500 more drawers », framed Rogério Bacalhau.

Although, “at this moment, the situation is more or less controlled”, taking into account that, “in one year, we normally have about 400 to 500 funerals annually, if there were a year with more, we could have problems”.

«With the crematorium, these problems are minimized and we have everything completely under control», believes the Mayor of Faro.

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