Fat Joe says Eminem doesn’t want him to retire from Rap


Eminem e Fat Joe they have an interesting history, they are friends for a long time than one might expect. It’s a little bit classic in hip-hop history that a Eminem before signing with Aftermath he almost handed his demo tape to Joe on the streets of New York, but had his chance to escape when Joe found himself involved in a heated argument with a man across the street. After Eminem got a little more established, Joe’s longtime friend and collaborator Big Pun was constantly looking for a collaboration with the rapper, as Remy Ma recently revealed.

Since then, Eminem and Fat Joe have collaborated on two separate occasions; “Lean Back Remix” with Mase, Lil Jon and Remy Ma, and the recent “Lord Above” on Joe’s supposed final album, Family Ties. Clearly, the mutual respect is deep, to the point that Eminem is not quite ready to accept that Joe has officially retired from rap. At least, according to Joe himself, who revealed it during a conversation with Big Sean.

At around the hour and fifteen minute mark, Sean explains that Joe and Pun had a big influence on the game. Sean not only styled himself in honor of the late Big Pun, but also confirmed that Eminem considers Joe one of his favorite rappers. “This is crazy for me, bro,” says Joe, clearly humiliated by the revelation. “This is crazy. You know, Em called me last week. I don’t want to keep saying his name around, but the man was trying to convince me not to retire last week. That’s all I’ve ever wanted in my entire life … one of the rap gods calling me and saying, ‘Hey Joe, you’re cool. You need to go back there. ‘ I couldn’t believe it. “

Check out the interview below:


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