Fazenda 12: Juliano comments on the possibility of combining votes for a farm


The Julian pawn – Photo: Record TV

Participants in ‘The Farm 12’ they are already looking for strategies for the next garden. In conversation with Mateus, on Monday (28), the pawn Juliano commented on the possibility of starting to combine votes.

The conversation started when Mateus, who was always close to Juliano, talked about protecting the singer Jojo Todynho.

“The reason I saved Jojo first is that she saved me twice. Only that, it is not because I agreed to go one way or the other. When I hadn’t been saved by anyone, I went to you first ”, he explained.

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Juliano then commented on the closeness he had to other men in the house. “Me too. When I didn’t have Jojo and I didn’t have them. When you said: “I have Jojo now”, I said: “Man, I need to ally myself, because otherwise I will be left”.

Pawn says he will not combine vote and Juliano rebounds

Mateus took advantage of the moment to emphasize that he will not join any group to combine votes. Just as he said at other times within the confinement. “And I will not go into the combinations, neither of the darlings, nor of the bad guys ”, guaranteed.

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Upon hearing his colleague’s speech, Juliano revealed that, if necessary, he will combine votes with other pawns. “Ah, but there are no bad guys. And I’ll tell you: it’s not a combination. It’s protection. And I will tell you: today it is not, but if it is, I am not against it. ”

It is worth remembering that the next crop formation is approaching and the Farmer of the week is the model Carol Narizinho.


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