Fazenda 12: Raissa freaks out and throws cream on the face of the roceiros – TV & Novelas


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Raissa Barbosa throwing cream at Juliano Ceglia

Another confusion was formed at dawn on Wednesday (30) in ” The Farm 12
“after the formation of the garden.
Raissa Barbosa
he did not like the votes received, nor the attitudes of some players and he went on to throw moisturizer on the boys. “False! You are a fake dog,” she repeated, screaming, to Juliano Ceglia. Lucas
was the hardest hit with the moisturizer.

After Raisa
went to the bedroom,
Juliano Ceglia
went back to find satisfactions. The man’s momentum was so great that he broke down the door of the dormitory where she was: “You respect me,” he shouted.

After being removed from the scene by girls, who intruded to prevent an attack by the journalist on the model, Juliano went to the headquarters room. There, he called the paoa “piranha”. “This piranha threw something in my face! Piranha! It’s her life’s dream that I hit her,” he said, while Biel
he tried to calm his friend down. Watch the fight:

Deputy Miss Butt
, Raissa Barbosa, who is confined to ” The Farm 12
“, received an unexpected diagnosis some years ago: the Borderline syndrome

. Fluctuation of mood, fear and feeling of loneliness are some of the feelings that, together, can result in this psychological problem that leads patients to have personality disorders.

The garden was formed yesterday and the pedestrians who can leave on Thursday are: Rodrigo (indicated by the farmer), Raíssa (indicated by the house), Biel (pulled by Raíssa) and Juliano (which was placed by Lipe through the power of the flame) green).


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