Fazenda 2020: Cartolouco says he doesn’t hold Raissa Barbosa’s heartache: ‘I was wrong and I’m sorry’


Most voted by the house to go to the third garden of “A Fazenda 2020”, Raissa Barbosa threw cream at Cartolouco and Juliano Ceglia in the room of the reality show “A Fazenda 2020”. Despite the confusion, the journalist assured the people, today, that everything is fine between them.

After being guided by Lipe Ribeiro to review who his allies are in the game, Cartolouco went to his room to talk to Raissa Barbosa about his vote, denied a group vote scheme and guaranteed to be at peace.

“What happened? I would vote for Luiza. I was sure you were going to vote for me for being close to Biel. I was wrong and I’m sorry,” explained the journalist.

“Then they screwed you up. Your own friends screwed you up. You said Raissa wasn’t going to have votes and threw her two votes at her. What did your friends do? They burned you. Or you’re too silly, muggle and didn’t notice. Or you it is not possible to not have understood that “, countered the model.

Cartolouco said that he did not have a conversation with fellow confinement about the voting combination. Only each one said who he would vote for and the journalist decided to cast his vote for the people because he would not go to the hot seat.

“We get stupid and stupid in here. I told Lucas that I would not vote for Luiza anymore. Then, Biel, Juliano, Rodrigo and Lidi were on the couch, but even Lidi was together, but they must not have heard. that I was going to vote for a person and I said beauty, they will follow the word. I was the second to vote and I was the last, it would be easier “, lamented Cartola.

Faced with the accusation of the model of the pedestrians having no words, Cartolouco regretted having placed his confinement colleague in the field.

“I’m not gossiping. Bowl telling what happened. Only Rodrigo who complied with who would vote. They did something else and I was exposed for another week. I apologize. I told Stéfani, Lipe and Biel. I don’t think you’re wrong for what you did. You have every right to vent. Going to the fields sucks, self-esteem goes down there and it seems that nobody likes us here. It is part of it. Zero was upset with you. I have no regrets about you “, he guaranteed.

“I apologize for voting for you. Since the first week, you have shown yourself to be a good girl. I apologize for voting for someone,” he added.

After being moved by the pawn’s apology, the model warned her again that she is being used

“Fuck you twice. Then, you see the friends you have,” he finished off.


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