Fazenda 2020 has a collective outbreak at dawn; understand what happened


And there was a lot of fire in the hay after the formation of the third garden of A Fazenda 2020! The pedestrians got out of control and there was confusion on all sides.

The formation of the farm in A Fazenda 2020 gave us something to talk about again and has Raissa Barbosa, Juliano Ceglia, Rodrigo Moraes, and Biel. This time, at dawn this Wednesday (30th), the highlight was the various fights, screams and washing of dirty clothes. “Now the stick is going to roast. If you want peace, amen. If you want war you call me ”, declared Jojo. Come and understand how the collective outbreak in reality began.

How did the fight start?

It all started with the formation of the farm. In the vote to form the hot spot of the week, Jojo Todynho was not afraid to say what he wanted. The singer commented that she was going to vote for Biel, but as the funkeiro was in the The Farm 2020 and could not be voted, she would then vote for Lucas Cartolouco, Biel’s friend, who according to the peoa, is influenced by the singer.

It was then that Jojo and Biel started to argue and the Carioca didn’t have a hard time. “Him [Biel] he ran to the stall because he knew he was going to take the vote for the house, because he doesn’t have the chest and willingness to pay, ”said Jojo. “Chest for what?” Asked the pawn. “You are a slack, you are a f ** k,” shot the participant.


Why couldn’t Biel be voted on by the house?

According to the rules of the program, participants who are in the stall cannot be voted for by the house, only pulled into the field by the most voted pawn at headquarters or be voted by the farmer, the only one with this right. Biel did not win votes, but he was pulled by Raissa and so he is on the hot seat.

How was the post-voting climate at A Fazenda 2020?

The outbreak took over everyone after the formation of the third garden of the edition. Jojo Todynho had a fit of fury, went to the kitchen of The Farm 2020, picked up a utensil and started to tap a bottle. “Débora said I had to put the hate out,” said the singer.

MC Mirella tried to get her confinement colleague to calm down and asked her to be careful not to hurt her hands. “I put the hate out,” replied Jojo. “Not to mess up,” he added.

Leaving the kitchen and heading towards the bedroom The Farm 2020, Jojo shouted: “now the stick is going to roast. If you want peace, amen, if you want war, you tell me. I can’t stand dirty people ”.

What did Raissa throw at fellow confinement?

A few seconds after Jojo Todynho’s shouting, Raissa Barbosa also starred in a moment of fury. The model went to the living room and threw moisturizer at some pedestrians. Shouting “b ****** fake”, the participant was removed from the room by Stéfani Bays, who shouted Raissa’s name and tried to control her.

What did Juliano Ceglia do in A Fazenda 2020?

After the outbreaks of Jojo and Raissa, the paoas went to the headquarters room, Victória Villarim tried to calm Jojo, asking the singer to breathe while counting until 10. That was when another cry was given, this time by MC Mirella. “No, it will break the door,” shouted the funkeira. “Don’t close,” said Jojo.

With a strong push on the bedroom door, Juliano entered the room. “Calm down, are you crazy?” Shouted Mirella again. The pawn started shouting and pointing at Raissa. “You respect me,” said the sports journalist several times.

The transmission was quickly cut off by the streaming service Playplus, when the image returned to the headquarters, only the pedestrians in the room were shown, but it was possible to hear screams from the discussion in the room. “I’m not going to hit you,” said the journalist. Seconds later, the audio of the fight was also cut.

At another time, already back in the The Farm 2020, Juliano was still irritated and fired: “something threw this thing in my face. It’s her life’s dream that I hit her ”. Biel asked the pawn to be quiet and relax.


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