Fazenda 2020: Jojo Todynho cries after a rage: ‘I don’t accept naughtiness’


Jojo Todynho had a dawn of fury for his fight with Biel and also a moment of outburst. In the bedroom of “A Fazenda 2020”, the funkeira cried a lot for having lost control in the kitchen and having hammered a bottle of water.

In an outburst in the room with MC Mirella, Lucas Maciel, Mateus Carrieri and Stéfani Bays, the funkeira said she did not tolerate naughtiness in her life.

“I was shaking all over. Anger rises. It makes me want to grab and mash my face, but I can’t do that. I don’t accept naughtiness. We fail, make mistakes and learn. I learned by taking a beating,” he said.

“So, when you start putting yourself in the other’s place, it’s tough. I will never turn to a friend of mine ‘ah. I never thought you spoke’. Loyalty breeds loyalty. I have Renata here tattooed because she is a friend who is with me for everything. I’m very cool, I’m boring. I take care of my godchildren as if I’m a mother.

With no words, Jojo classified Biel as diabolical in the coexistence of “A Fazenda 12”.

“It’s mean. You see the person’s arrogance turn around and say ‘we are strong’. Do you understand the diabolic mind? (…) Bad people can’t do it”, “he concluded.


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