Federal Court of RJ suspends Conama decision that removed protection from mangroves and sandbanks | Rio de Janeiro


The downfalls were announced on Monday (28). Two of them restricted deforestation and occupation in areas of environmental preservation of native vegetation, such as restingas and mangroves. The rules were valid since March 2002.

Conama also released the burning of toxic waste in ovens used for the production of cement and overturned another resolution that determined criteria for the efficiency of water and energy consumption so that irrigation projects could be approved.

  • Revoked Resolutions in Conama: Understand

According to the plaintiffs, “the repeal of such rules violates the constitutional right to an ecologically balanced environment”.

In the decision, federal judge Maria Amelia Almeida Senos de Carvalho says: “In view of the evident risk of irretrievable damage to the environment, I would like to anticipate the effects of the injunction to suspend the effects of the revocation considered at the 135th Ordinary Meeting of Conama”.

Experts and institutions comment on Conama’s decision and damage to the environment

In May 2019, the government decreased the number of civil society entities in Conama. The collegiate, which had 96 advisers, including members of public entities and NGOs, now has 23 full members, including its president, the Minister of the Environment, Ricardo Salles.

Conama is the main consultative body of the Ministry of the Environment and is responsible for establishing criteria for environmental licensing and rules for the control and maintenance of the quality of the environment.


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