Fernanda Paes Leme for Mario Frias: ‘Male fragile and limited’


Fernanda Paes Leme used her profile on Instagram to talk about the comment made by Secretary of Culture Mario Frias about her, in an article in Folha de São Paulo. The actor attacked the actress saying that she “used a vibrator because she had a lonely life”.

“I didn’t even see what the current secretary of culture said about me at the time when there was a lot of news about my broken vibrator. I am surprised that this person, in a position that requires such responsibility and who, it is noted, works so hard * cof cof cof *, took a moment out of his day to mourn my loss and my loneliness. I only heard about this comment today, reading the @marilizpj article that @marthanowill posted. In fact, thank you, Mariliz, I loved the text ”she wrote.

“I wouldn’t even need to, but I’ll answer the secretary … Don’t worry, Mario Frias. I am not lonely, I was alone only during my recovery from covid, because unlike members of the government, I take people’s illness and life very seriously. But in general I don’t have time to be alone, because I work a lot, I’m an artist, you know? No?! Well, I have family, friends, I have dates, I have flirts, I have a new vibrator, so really, don’t worry about how lonely I can be, because I am not and I am not ”, he continued.

“I swear it doesn’t bother me what you think of me. First because we don’t know each other (whew), second because I don’t think you have any real knowledge of something. We add your opinion to so many others, disposable, silly, insecure. But then why did I decide to do this post? Because in addition to a good vibrator, exposing a fragile and limited male also gives me pleasure ”, he concluded.

Then, some acquaintances of Fernanda sympathized with the actress and sent her messages.

“VIBRATOR AND VIDAAAAAA. It gives me a lot of pleasure. Nothing more hate in them that our pleasure understood? Rs ”, wrote Ingrid Guimarães.

“I gave one that spins, vibrates and flashes … all that remains is to make popcorn and get beer from the fridge …”, published actor Roger Gobeth.

“Rocked!” Said Debora Falabella

“I didn’t know any of that. How bizarre ”, commented Maria Flor.

Meet Fernanda Paes Leme’s profile on Instagram: @fepaesleme

Understand the case

Fernanda Paes Leme was outraged to learn that part of the media specializing in celebrities, reflected a situation revealed by herself in one of those ordinary lives.

At the time, the actress said that her vibrator had broken from using so much. Ready. It was the necessary fuel for the extravagant phrase to be part of the main headlines in the segment in a matter of hours.

However, the famous was surprised with such a proportion, since she has a recently launched project, entitled Fake Live. This is the main focus of disclosure, according to Fernanda.

On August 16, the artist made a long reflection on the issue, on her Instagram.

“It is great to be a free, independent, active, feminist woman. It’s really great. But some things get confused in the middle of how we contemporary women are viewed or defined. The other day in a live that I participated talking about my webseries, I mentioned, jokingly, that my vibrator broke as much as I used it. It turns out, the piece had years of use. It really broke. We laughed. Next topic … But I see day after day, notifications and appointments about vibrator, vibrator, vibrator … I launched the fourth episode of FAKE LIVE on Friday and … Vibrator, vibrator, vibrator ”, she started.

The host of the program Desengaveta sees no problem in talking about sex, or any subject related to the topic.

“I want to make it clear that I have no problem using and talking about a vibrator, so much so that I spoke and speak normally. Pay attention to the word NORMALLY, because that is NORMAL. It is normal to give yourself pleasure, healthy even, it is also normal not to want (but I recommend). But it is not news. Or it shouldn’t be in that context ”, he stressed.

Although annoyed, she explained what really saddened her in this episode.

“It doesn’t bother me to the point of being bad, irritated, but it saddens me to work, produce, film, put a product on the air, turn around to reinvent my profession at those times, and be summed up in press calls to a person who apparently stays in home all day masturbating. It saddens me because it is not true and because it limits me, it erases me as a professional, after all my art that should be in the news that day ”, he stressed.

Paes Leme left his final message.

“The live was about that. Not about sex or self-pleasure. Subject that I have already spoken about openly because I think it is important for women to get to know each other, there was a purpose behind it. This was not the case this time. It is frustrating that they only absorbed such a nice conversation. Anyway. Here are my recommendations: watch #FakeLive on my IGTV, masturbate and normalize self-pleasure. Women come too! It’s normal, okay ?! ”, she finished.

Fernanda Paes Leme made a long outburst on her social network @fepaesleme

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